This is a testimonial regarding my experience with my acupuncturist, Jay Guanci. I came to Jay suffering from neck and shoulder pain from sitting at my computer. Jay’s office was very conveniently located in a really nice building, and his office is extremely warm and inviting. Jay made me feel very comfortable; especially, as I was a bit apprehensive regarding the needles involved in acupuncture. The treatment was extremely relaxing (and painless!), and the tension in my neck/shoulders was released. Jay discussed with me some of the ergonomics issues I may have at my desk to help prevent this from happening again. I highly recommend working with Jay. – RG

I have struggled with low back pain and neck issues since I was a teenager. Thanks to the care I received with Jay my pain has decreased significantly. The monthly maintenance I get helps my back and neck pain free. Even when there are times when I am careless and my back goes out, Jay always there to fit me in, usually the same day, to get me back to functioning. Also, after years at a desk job I have developed issues with my shoulders, arms and wrists. Jay has been able to help with that pain also. I have been a patient of Jay for many years now and I rarely miss a monthly visit. Thank you to Jay for keeping my pain under control. – JH

Jay offers a very relaxing and tranquil experience in his beautiful and comfortable office. I always feel so much better after my appointments. Jay is a great listener and always puts me at ease. – CS

When I first came to Jay many months ago I was a wreck. My issues were anxiety/stress and occasional insomnia & cravings. During our first visit he was extremely thorough and kind. He asked a lot of questions to make sure he fully understands what you are trying to accomplish with acupuncture. He makes you feel very comfortable and at ease letting you know why he places needles in certain areas. It doesn’t hurt at all and Jay is a pleasure to talk you before and after each session. He always makes sure to address each concern you have and tries to make each session as productive as possible. As I started coming in more frequently I noticed that my anxiety was lower and I was able to fall asleep much easier at night. He is amazing at what he does and has a wealth of knowledge which is fascinating. His services are very affordable and his office is beautiful and clean. I have had acupuncture with others before and can tell you that Jay is the best! – KM

My back went out and my yoga instructor gave me Jay’s name. She had experienced great success herself with back problems. It was painful to drive and I am in sales – so I was desperate. My first visit was incredible. He took the time to find out my medical history – so that by the time I was finished – he had helped to solve many other ailments that I was suffering from on a daily basis. Also, he took a great interest in my diet and helped me find foods that would help me with with many other issues that had plagued me. – LK

I saw Jay for the first time to relieve symptoms associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). For years, I had suffered daily discomfort, including heartburn and stomach pain, which did not respond to traditional treatments (a.k.a. Western medicine). After the first few treatments, the difference was dramatic! In fact, I didn’t even realize how significantly the symptoms were affecting me! I was sleeping better, had more energy during the day, and overall felt healthier. Soon, Jay was also treating me for unbearable menstrual symptoms. Within one month’s cycle, the crippling cramps, extreme flow, back and sciatica pain, and tortuous headaches had all dissipated. Again, I had no idea how affected I was by these symptoms. I have sought Jay’s treatment plans for a variety of other symptoms too. He has improved my internal temperature, sleep patterns, level of anxiety and more. Seeing Jay and experiencing the miracle of acupuncture has improved my life dramatically. I feel like a totally different person! Jay has even accommodated the occasionally ’emergency’ visit to alleviate muscle pain, migraines or a cold. I turned to acupuncture when I felt that my options had ran out; however, Jay is now the first option I chose when deciding on a treatment plan. I am very grateful for what he has been able to do for me. – AW

I’d like to take the time to tell you about my experience with acupuncture. Jay Guanci helped me so much! I am a woman who suffered (like many others) from monthly PMS – mood swings, breast tenderness, low back pain – you name it! I was under the impression that this was normal and something I would just need to deal with until I went through menopause. After a few weeks of acupuncture I can honestly say I feel like a new person. No more PMS symptoms and I feel great! People around me have noticed the changes as well. My sleep is also better and I feel like I have more energy. I look forward to my acupuncture treatments. Jay’s office is a place I can really relax. – MN

I have been suffering from migraine headaches for most of my adult life. I have tried many Western treatments that have helped some. With the addition of acupuncture I have been so much better. I went from having multiple headaches per week so almost none. I appreciate the fact that if I am feeling a headache come on I can call Jay and he’ll fit me in. I really feel like I’m getting a personalized treatment. I can’t thank him enough. – SA

I came to Jay Guanci after months of severe, chronic shoulder and neck pain, debilitation, and distress caused by surgical errors after a ski accident. I’m delighted to say that I’m skiing again (albeit a little slower!) and the chronic pain is gone.  I knew nothing about acupuncture.  I’m amazed by the results and how completely relaxed and happy I feel after each session.  Great for your head, heart, and soul.  So many people recommended I try acupuncture–just wish I’d listened sooner.  Jay was a great choice–caring, smart, explains everything, hygienic environment.  Thanks, Jay. – BR

Jay is a gifted healer.  I came to him for an immune boost because I do not tolerate flu shots well.  With his help, I had a healthy winter and beyond.  He also helped me work through a depressive episode, and manage my stress as I prepared for a big move.  Jay is easy to be around and totally professional.  His office and treatment room are clean, comfortable, and relaxing.  I always felt better after a treatment.  I just can’t say enough great things about Jay! – VR

I don’t really understand how it all works, but my experience has shown that acupuncture works. I feel much more energized and aligned after just a few sessions! Each week I notice subtle changes in my body and my mind and I feel better after each one. – AB

Jay is an absolute God-send. He takes time to listen to whatever is bothering you and then walks you through the treatment in terms you can easily comprehend. The treatments have changed my life for the better. – SF

Jay is exceptional at what he does.  I’ve seen lots of acupuncturists/chiros/massage therapists for back issues and stress issues.  Jay is very intelligent and a good listener which sets him apart as a practitioner.  Every time you meet with Jay for treatment he gives you the attention and thought needed to treat you for whatever may be going on physically/mentally/emotionally.  Some acupuncturists I find to be less nimble or intuitive when deciding treatment.  Jay is always customizing the treatment and looking to make it as productive and healing as possible – which is why I always feel terrific after a treatment.  Very clean & comfortable office.  Very professional atmosphere and interaction with Jay.

I live in the city where one can find a lot of acupuncturists but I travel up to Reading because of the high quality treatment and results.  Worth the drive if you’re not in Reading. – DM

Jay is amazing! Over the past 7 years our family has gone to him to be treated for a wide variety of problems from sprains and complex pain issues to viral pneumonia. In my own case of viral pneumonia, Jay was successful where a large number of physicians at a major Boston hospital were not. At first, I was quite skeptical, but the proof is in the results and acupuncture really does work. – VK

I struggled with PPMD and joint pain and Jay was able to minimize my symptoms which results in improved quality of life. He portrays a calm, comforting atmosphere, clean environment, and maintained my privacy. Win win for me! – KT

Jay offers a very relaxing and tranquil experience in his beautiful and comfortable office! I always feel so much better after my appointments. Jay is a great listener and always puts me at ease. – CC

As a fairly active guy (hiking, running, etc), I often get minor strains, bruises and muscle pulls. Last year, while finishing marathon training, I tweaked something in my back that was going to keep me from running on race day. Luckily, I was able to ask Jay for assistance. He quickly developed and administered a treatment program which led to a significant reduction in my back pain. The result – I was ready for the marathon and ran the race entirely pain free – except for sore feet! Can’t thanks Jay enough. Very professional and knowledgeable for all types of treatment, including sports-related issues. – TW

I had a very stiff neck and migraines for weeks and acupuncture has really helped me from the day one. I felt rejuvenated after the first session. – IP

Jay is truly the best out there. He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients feel comfortable and at ease. He is very thorough and kind at each session. His office is beautiful and clean. His prices are very affordable and I love coming back every time! – KM

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