Acupuncture for Athletes

11813282_1098263443535567_6185213391066992354_nAre you an athlete or do you know an athlete looking to enhance performance? Why not try acupuncture? Right now many professional athletes receive acupuncture. Most sports teams have acupuncturists on staff! It’s great for dancers as well. Cupping is also an adjunctive technique that in specialize in. Remember seeing all those Olympic swimmers with cup marks? It helps!

Treatments are known to:

?reduce post injury rehab time
?decrease pain and inflammation
?increase range of motion
?activate and strengthen muscles
?release muscle spasm
?stimulate immune system response
?relieve stress and calm the mind – get your head in the game!

With increasing numbers of famous athletes and celebrities supporting acupuncture, it has become increasingly popular among athletes who are at any level.

Commonly treated sports injuries:

?Tight IT bands
?ACL/MCL injury
?Shin splints
?Patellar tendonitis
?Ankle sprain
? Achilles tendonitis
? Plantar fasciitis
? Morton’s neuroma
? Degenerative disc disease
? Thoracic outlet syndrome
? Rotator cuff disorders
? Impingement syndrome
? Biceps tendonitis
? Labrum tear
? Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) ?
? Medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow)
? Carpal tunnel
? De quervain’s syndrome
? Hip flexor strain
? Psoas strain
? Hamstring strain
? Tight gluteal muscle
? Chronic lower back pain/strain
? Sacro-iliac pain
? Muscle spasm
? Bulging discs

Athletes reset and strengthen your muscles with acupuncture!

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