Pregnancy and Acupuncture


Being pregnant is an exciting, yet sometimes anxious time, especially for first time mothers. As an expecting mom, not only are you looking forward to having a healthy baby, but you are also concerned about what’s in order for pre-natal care, all the preparations (what to get, what to read, how to prepare the nursery etc.) and expecting the pregnancy will move forward with no complications. You realize that everything you do now involves a baby now, not just you. In this time of change, there are many benefits acupuncture can offer to bring a healthy baby into this world. Hopefully, with my help, mom-to-be to can enjoy a well-balanced, calm and uneventful pregnancy.

Diminishing Pregnancy-Related Symptoms

Pregnancy can be very hard on some women; from nausea and morning sickness to back pain and edema. Some people may not have known that acupuncture is shown to help a number of these pregnancy related ailments. The best part is it can do so without the potential for harmful side effects that some medications can cause mother and baby.

Anti-Depressant and Anti-Anxiety Qualities

Fluctuating hormones during a pregnancy may make a woman feel not quite like herself. Anxiety and depression can be common in even the most stable. Taking care of this is important because depression in pregnancy can be felt by the baby and may cause to post-partum depression in the baby after the baby is born which may harm development. Women have reported feeling more centered, more like themselves and less anxious after a treatment.

Breech Presentation

Breech position is when the baby’s head is facing the wrong way during the last three months of pregnancy. If not repositioned, the mother will need to have a C-section, which can create many post-labor issues. Astoundingly, acupuncture often helps to encourage the baby to move itself into the correct position allowing natural delivery in as few as 2-3 treatments. The use of moxa is pivotal and it can be started around week 34 and will be prescribed as homework as well.

Labor induction and Preparing for Delivery

Acupuncture can be started at 37 weeks to help prepare the mother for labor. Acupuncture can work to prepare the cervix to ripen, thereby potentially easing forthcoming delivery. Also, acupuncture calms and relaxes pregnant women so labor is can be a much smoother experience. If at due date or beyond acupuncture for labor induction can be employed. It usually involved some electro-acupuncture and can be hugely successful.

Post-Delivery Care

Acupuncture is a great resource and treatment in the post-delivery phase to help regain strength and treat the common symptoms of fatigue and depression after delivery. It can also help heal episiotomy wounds or incision wounds post C-section

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